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Position: ERP Project Manager

  • Communicating with clients to ensure they are satisfied with the progress of their project
  • Reviewing the scope of work to ensure that it is consistent with the client’s expectations
  • Managing the budget and resources throughout the project to ensure that they are used efficiently
  • Meeting regularly with clients to discuss issues and progress on the project
  • Working with IT professionals to install new software or hardware as needed
  • Providing technical support to users during the implementation process to ensure that they understand how to use the new system
  • Designing the layout of reports or other documents to meet client specifications
  • Coordinating with vendors to ensure that materials are available for use in the project
  • Managing the resources of the team to ensure that deadlines are met and objectives are achieved


Madhurendra Kumar

+1.307-316-7940 | |

Noralogic | 109 E 17th St, Cheyenne WY 82001

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