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Image Collection: BASKET (USA) job

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BASKET is an image collection project for which we are collecting pictures from Supermarket in different categories:

The project aims to collect pictures from supermarket shelves in different product categories.

This data collection will help improve Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning system.

Main Requirements

You are based in the USA. This project is only available in this country.

You must submit pictures taken with a smartphone and the format will be .jpg

Your pictures must be original. Photos taken from the internet or from other people will be rejected.

All personal information (PII) will be deleted before submitting the images.

Diversity is encouraged! We will provide several different categories for you to choose from.


We will pay per valid picture.

Other Important Information

We will provide instructions and guidelines to ensure you submit successful pictures.

There are various categories to choose from.

To Apply, go to: Apply with Get.It

Employment Type: Part-Time

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